Precautions Of Indoor Garden.

signs of under watering

Wilting along the outer edges of the leaves.
Wilting foliage
Brown edges or tips along the
Flowers and leaves drop prematurely

Signs of over watering

Wilting from the stems towards
Lower leaves drop prematurely
Wilting foliage
The plant might stop growing

How can you identify a low humidity problem in your indoor garden?

  • Leaves turn brown at the tips
  • Plants look puckered or withered
  • Leaves fall off prematurely

Tips to increase humidity in indoor gardens

  1. Mist your plants daily (this should not be done with plants that have hairy leaves because the water will hang around longer and this might cause disease)
  2. Place a tray of water near the garden but avoid putting plants in the tray.
  3. Use a humidifier or environment controller to humidify or dehumidify the area depending on your needs.